Jul 29, 2010

Our miseries are for our own good

Suppose a child does something wrong and his mother slaps him, does this action of the mother make her merciless? No. This is, in fact the grace of the mother that she is trying to correct her child from the very beginning. If we get a boil in our body, we go to doctor. The doctor operates and removes that boil, giving us immense pain. Now, does that mean the doctor is merciless? No. The doctor is giving us treatment. He is getting rid of our pain.

Similarly, we have forgotten God since eternity and have attached ourselves to the objects of this world and are full of material vices like lust, anger, greed, etc. If we do not get miseries in this world, we will never think of God. We are suffering so much, and still we do not surrender to God. Think, if there was no suffering in the world, then who would have remembered God? Initially, these miseries of the world make many people walk towards God. Therefore, the miseries of the world are not the hardheartedness of God. In fact, it is His Grace in disguise. Saint Kabir said:

"Sukh ke maathe sil pare naam hiye te jaye,
balihari wa dukh ki jo pal pal naam rataye"

When we endeavor elevating our soul, we will realize that material comfort does not contribute to self-growth. Hardships push us towards higher consciousness. Swami Vivekananda said, "Life is the continuous unfoldment of a being under circumstances tending to press it downwards." Circumstances will create difficulties, and will press us downwards. But when we face them, we will be forced to enhance our abilities and understanding, and in the process we will grow internally.

So, when we implement this perspective, we will see the Grace of God in all situations, and even more in adverse circumstances.