Oct 31, 2012

What happens to our thoughts once life ends?

Question from a devotee:  Thoughts are nothing but unrealized acts. If not, what happens to our thoughts once life ends?

Answer by Swamiji: Thoughts are not exactly unrealized acts. They are ideas, plans, conceptions, opinions and feelings produced by the mind. They are bundles of subtle energy that the mind generates. Modern scientific research in the field of Electroencephalography reveals the variety of alpha, beta and gamma waves produced by brain activity. It also correlates altered mental states with differences in wave production by the brain.
The Vedic scriptures, since many millennia, have thrown light on thoughts. They emphasize that the thoughts we harbor in our mind are an important facet of our personality.  Every thought has an impact on our subtle and physical body. Thus, thought by thought, we forge our destiny, to elevate or degrade ourselves. The essence of spirituality is to control, purify and elevate our thoughts.   
You have asked what will happen to our thoughts at the end of life. The thoughts will naturally cease to exist in the present mind-body. But, the seat of the thoughts -the mind-will continue its journey along with the soul, to the next body. And the kind of thoughts that the mind harbored in the present life will impact the kind of birth we will get in the next life.