Dec 31, 2012

Why did God create souls and bring us into the world?

Question from a devotee:  Why did God create souls and bring us into the world, where there is so much of suffering and misery?" 

Answer by Swamiji: To answer your question, let me tell you a story. There was once a very rich man, who had a fifteen-year old son.  One day, the son was alone in his father's office, when he saw a fifteen-year old newspaper. It had an article titled, "Billionaire adopts orphan child." The boy was stunned to see his father's name mentioned there.  When his father returned, the son accosted him, "Father is this article true?"  
The father replied, "My son! It is true."
"Does that mean I am not your child?"
"That is right, you are not my child."  
The son was shocked. "Then why did you adopt me?" 
The father explained, "Son, I am a billionaire.  I had no shortage of money, and everything that money could buy.  However, I did not have anyone with whom I could share my wealth.  I adopted you so that I could give you everything I possess."  
Similarly, God is perfect and complete in himself, and the possessor of unlimited opulences.  He creates us so that he may be able to share all that he possesses with us.  However, he can only do so when we truly love him.
Those souls, who have learnt to love God, are with him in his eternal abode. We conditioned souls are here in the material realm because we have turned our backs towards him. God hopes and waits for the day when we too will perfect our love for him and attain him for the rest of eternity.